Come help the Illinois Trekkers celebrate their 40th anniversary with a walk at Cahokia Mounds, a State Historic Site, National Historic Landmark and World Heritage Site-the largest prehistoric Indian site north of Mexico. Scholars, travelers & walkers from around the globe visit Cahokia Mounds and its world-class Interpretive Center to learn about this highly sophisticated civilization built in an urban complex. Walk where the Mississippian Indians first settled in AD 700. The mounds were built of earth transported in baskets on peoples’ backs to elevate ceremonial buildings and residences of the elite, and to provide burial sites and mark important settlement locations. The walk path passes Indian cultural areas and travels through several habitats on grass, concrete and gravel. Experience the “natural stair-stepper” by climbing 154 steps to the top of Monks Mound, the largest earthen mound in North America equivalent to a 10-story building.

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