Year Round Events

2020 YRE

Illinois Trekkers offers Year Round Events (YRE) in the Belleville, Illinois and Southern Illinois area. There are 9 walks, 2 bicycle, and 1 swim events.  Use the link below to view the 2020 Illinois Trekkers YRE brochure.

2020 Illinois Trekkers YRE General Information

Saturday Group walksThree Mile Thursdays and Trekkin Tuesdays often use these Year Round Events.

List of Year Round Events:  

[Click on the event you are interested in for more information]

Belleville Downtown Walk

Belleville East YMCA Bike

Belleville East YMCA Walk

Belleville Shrine Walk

Columbia Walk

Edwardsville Park Walk

Edwardsville Swim

Glen Carbon Walk

Maryville Bike

Maryville Walk

O’Fallon Park Walk

St. Clair Square Mall Walk