Special Programs/Club Challenge

Special Programs are offered as special incentives to get everyone out and active. When you sign up for a Special Program, you will receive a book, much like an event or distance book, in which you record the qualifying events.  Click here for a list of all Special Programs sponsored by clubs from the American Volkssport Association.

40th Club Challenge for 2020 is offered to all club members as an incentive to get us out on a walking trail more often.  There is no additional cost to a club member to participate in this challenge.  Just print out the form below or pick up one at a club meeting or a club event.  It can be completed as many times as a member wants within this year. Walk 40 walks in Greater STL Area to complete the incentive program.  Club rewards will be given to any club member that completes 10, 20, and 40 AVA events as per the brochure.

2020 40th Challenge Brochure