Trekker Bucks

Illinois Trekkers Volkssport Club Participation Awards Program

  1. Program: The club participation awards program is designed to reward members for taking an active and responsible part in making the Illinois Trekkers Volkssport Club successful.  The primary purpose of the club is to sponsor successful and fun Traditional and Year Round events.  This is the focus of the Trekker Buck Award program.
  1. Participation Values: Each Trekker Buck has the value of one dollar.  Trekkers Bucks will be awarded after the event according to the Worker Sign Up sheet.  A member of Illinois Trekkers working 2 hours or more on the day of the event or the day before the event qualifies for the award program.
    Traditional Events are awarded as follows:
    Member working 2 hours at event                   2 Trekker Bucks
    Member working over 2 hours at event         4 Trekker Bucks
    Point of Contact (POC)                                         6 Trekker Bucks
    *Trail Cleanup each 5 K                                      2 Trekker Bucks

    Year Round Events are awarded as follows:
    Point of Contact (POC):  2 Bucks for each calendar quarter

Trekker Bucks are valid for only 1 year after year of issue.

*Trail marking and Trail clean up counts when helping, not just walking.

  1. Your Action: Volunteer to help lead the club at whatever levels you can, AND make sure your activity gets counted on the Worker Sign Up sheet. Hope to see you participating in all club activities.  The Trekker Bucks can be used at Illinois Trekkers events, or purchase YR coupons, Event book or Distance book.
  1. POCs Actions: POCs will keep a sign-up sheet of volunteer for each club walk. This will be turned in to the club treasurer after the walk.  The treasurer will distribute Trekker Bucks according to the Sign-Up sheet.

Approved January 14, 2021