Group Walk Springfield Capital Walk YRE on September 20, 2021

Please join the Illinois Trekkers on a group walk with Tater Tours. Tater Tours will be arriving by bus from Chicago to walk the Capital Walk. Registration will be at 12:30 pm and walk should begin by 1:00 pm. The walk will start at the visitors center at 401 College Street.

The walk will feature many historic sites as well as the capital & old capital. Walk where Lincoln walked for many years. There are many restaurants for walkers to stop to have something to eat.

Group Walk Forest Park YRE

The rain stayed away so walkers could enjoy all the great sites in Forest Park.

Forest Park has so many wonderful nature sites to enjoy.

Walkers stopped to take many pictures along the walk.

A great walk to enjoy. Thank you to DeAnn Brown who led the Illinois Trekkers on the walk.