Group Walk A Walk in “Old Town” Glen Carbon on June 15, 2024

Due to the Glen Carbon Homecoming walkers won’t be able to park at the library parking lot.  Walkers will need to park in the parking lot next to the fire department. To arrive at the parking lot, take Interstate 255 or Route 157 to Route 162. Turn right in driveway to firehouse. Parking lot is on the right. Since many roads are blocked, walkers won’t be able to reach the parking lot from route 159.

Wilson Park and Neighborhood Walk on May 11, 2024

The registration table for the walk.

The POC for the walk. This was the first time for Diane to be POC. It was a great walk on a beautiful day.

This wood carving was not at the park when the prewalk was done on Sunday.  It was recently completed this week.

The park had many beautiful flowers and interesting things to see.

Another view of what walkers saw on the walk.