Group Walk Forest Park YRE

The rain stayed away so walkers could enjoy all the great sites in Forest Park.

Forest Park has so many wonderful nature sites to enjoy.

Walkers stopped to take many pictures along the walk.

A great walk to enjoy. Thank you to DeAnn Brown who led the Illinois Trekkers on the walk.

Group Bike Ride on Maryville Bike Trail on August 16, 2021

The Illinois Trekkers invite all bike riders to join them for a one hour bike ride on the Maryville Bike Trail. Meet on the parking lot of Collinsville Maryville Troy YMCA at 1 Maryville Town Center Drive, Maryville, IL. Registration at 5:45 pm & ride at 6:00 pm. This is an AVA sanctioned bike ride. All riders pay $3 & will stamp their event book & bike distance book. For more information contact Vickie Ridgeway 618 792-3881.