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Illinois Trekkers next sponsored AVA Traditional/Sanctioned event
Eagle Fest Walk
Saturday, January 23
9:00 to 11:00am
717 E. Broadway St
Alton, IL
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Trekker Song: (To the tune of The Flintstones)
Trekkers join the Trekkers.
We're a Volkssport walking club.
From the town of Belleville,
We're a club right out of AVA.
We walk usually on trails and streets.
Through the courtesy of our own two feet.
When you join the Trekkers
you'll make some good friends
some very good friends
You'll have a way good time!
Montage of Photos of Walkers
Illinois Trekkers is Illinois's oldest and largest AVA affiliated walking club! It is primarily a walking club promoting personal fitness through walking, biking, and occasional swim events. The club sponsors several Volksmarch walks throughout the St. Louis area. All activities are open to the general public. We are associated with:
All of our events:
  • Are open to everyone - you don't have to be a member to participate.
  • Are non-competitive - go at your own pace, walk, jog or run.
  • Sanctioned AVA event walks and club year round event walks are $3 per person.
                            Email & Walk Alerts
Each week our club emails information on club sponsored and other regional upcoming walks with additional club news to our members and other interested parties. If you would like to receive our Walk Alerts please join our walk alert e-mail list. This email list will never be sold or used for non-club purposes. Simply click on the link below then type in your e-mail address (doesn't even ask for your name).
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Visit us on our Facebook group page by clicking here:

                     Walk Challenges for 2016
Join us in 2 club walk challenges during 2016: (1) Tour De Saint Louis individual incentive program, and (2) Club challenge to "walk" together to Lindau Germany. The Tour De Saint Louis individual record book is available for download here. Additional instructions and information is available here. Guidelines for the joint club challenge to Lindau is available here.
       St. Louis & Illinois Year Round Walks
There are 26 AVA year round walks within 100 miles of St. Louis. These walks encompass many interests: Large city, small quaint cities, parks, and historic interests. Click here for a listing of all the walks.
                            Trekkin' Tuesdays
Join the Trekkers every Tuesday morning for a 5K walking program called "Trekkin' Tuesdays"! Each Tuesday morning the Trekkers will be walking a local area YRE. Each walk is a sponsored AVA walk, therefore it will cost the standard $3 and you will be able to stamp your books. Please use the Events Calendar for schedule.
            This Week's Walking Event(s)
1. Forest Park
December 1, Tuesday 9:45(reg) 10:00am(Walk)
Forest Park Visitors Center
5595 Grand Dr., St. Louis, MO

2. Belleville East YRE Saturday Group Walk & Christmas lunch
December 5, Saturday 10:30am
2627 Carlyle Ave., Belleville, IL
Club Christmas lunch afterwards at Silver Creek Saloon (had to already pre-register to attend lunch)
For a five month listing of Illinois Trekkers and other regional walk club events click here or on the Events Calendar link. The Events Calendar page has the dates, times, and other important information including directions to upcoming walks.
       ***Missouri County Walk Program***
The AVA clubs of MO are starting a new program aimed at eventually offering, over a number of years, an AVA sanctioned walk event in all 115 counties of Missouri. The goal is for the next 10+ years, there will be walks in all counties of Missouri - either scheduled Year-Round Trails offered by the individual clubs or traditional scheduled walks held throughout the state several times each year. The Walking the Counties of Missouri record books are FREE. For more information and to get your County walk books. Click here
     Trekker Footnotes & AVA Checkpoint
View the latest Trekker (Footnotes) newsletter by clicking here and AVA (Checkpoint) newsletter by clicking here.
            Membership Planning Meetings
Starting 2 April 2015, all future Trekker monthly meetings (1st Thursday at 7:00pm) will be held at Memorial Care Center, 4315 Memorial Dr., Belleville, IL. (Across from the hospital. Enter in the entrace nearest the chapel in front & walk straight back; meeting area is on the left). (click for google map)
2015 Membership Meeting Dates:
January 8th
February 5th - First Methodist Chuch (504 E. Hwy 50, O'Fallon, IL)
March 5th - First Methodist Chuch (504 E. Hwy 50, O'Fallon, IL)
April 2nd - Memorial Care Center (4315 Memorial Dr., Belleville, IL)
May 7th - Memorial Care Center (4315 Memorial Dr., Belleville, IL)
June 4th - Memorial Care Center (4315 Memorial Dr., Belleville, IL)
July 2nd - Memorial Care Center (4315 Memorial Dr., Belleville, IL)
August 6th - Memorial Care Center (4315 Memorial Dr., Belleville, IL)
September 3rd - Memorial Care Center (4315 Memorial Dr., Belleville, IL)
October 1st - Memorial Care Center (4315 Memorial Dr., Belleville, IL)
November 5th - Memorial Care Center (4315 Memorial Dr., Belleville, IL)
December 3rd - Canceled for Trekker Christmas Party
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Page last updated: 28 November 2015
***Thanks to Sacramento Walking Sticks walking club and their webmaster for our web site's inspiration***