Chester Parade and Guided Walks in Chester, Illinois on September 7, 2019

WELCOME TO THE CHESTER, IL PARADE AND GUIDED WALKS: The Illinois Trekkers invite you to join us for a traditional event in Chester, IL. On the walk you will experience a fun filled festival experience in Chester’s 40th Popeye Picnic. Each year, another Popeye character is unveiled and placed within the city limits…who will it be this time and where? There are several characters along the 2 ½ K walk to the Court House and we will finish the 5K and 10K walks from the Court House with our Guided portion of the walks. What is a Guided Walk? This just means we all walk together; no one gets left behind from starting point to end point. Afterwards, you are encouraged to enjoy the many festivities of the Popeye Picnic.

See if you can find these Popeye characters on the walk.