Illinois Trekkers Christmas Walk & Luncheon December 3, 2022

The Illinois Trekkers will host a special holiday group walk on Saturday, December 3. Registration will begin at 10:15 am at Schnuck’s, 907 E. Hwy 50 in O’Fallon, IL. The normal $3 fee applies to walkers or a YRE coupon. Group step off will be at 10:30 am. At the conclusion of the 5k walk, we will gather at Syberg’s, 1310 Central Park Dr, O’Fallon, IL for our Christmas lunch and party beginning at 12:00 noon.

No pre-payment is required for this event. Attendees will select their own meals directly from the menu and be responsible for paying their own bill.

After our meal, we will have a short program and end the party with a Christmas game.  No gift exchange.

It would be helpful to know how many people will be attending the walk and/or lunch.  Please send a text or email that you will be attending.  If you are not planning to walk but would like to join the holiday fun, please send an email to Nikki Wilcoxen at [email protected] or text me at 618-973-3825 that you would like to join the group for lunch.